Established in 2014
    Dr. Nichapat Senso, a specialist in beauty cosmetics and skin care products such as face cream, night cream, day cream, lipstick, lipstick, sunscreen, acne, acne, soaps and so on.SME  to  start a turnkey business. We are divided into categories. 1.Kerosene production serviceThe starting price is 500 baht per kilo plus packing. 2.FDA License and Logo Design Package 3.Production service Cosmetic brand (OEM ) 4. Production service Lipstick brand 5.EquipmentSales Make a cosmetic 6.Organic active sales service 

       One of the things that we are aware of is the use of high technology in production. And dedicated to professional staff. Including Scientists, chemists, engineers who are responsible for both research and development. And the production. In order to maintain the position of a leading cosmetics factory. Meet the diverse needs of the market.

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