Make ups

Mascara is a cosmetic used to enhance the intensity. Add thickness and length to eyelashes Mascaras come in three forms: liquid, cake and cream, and also come in a variety of formulas, tints and colors. The ingredients in mascaras include water, wax, film-formers and preservatives. Some mascaras may contain synthetic or nylon fibers to increase the length of the lashes.

Foundation is cream or liquid makeup. There are various shades of meat. from pale to the darkest like the skin of a woman The foundation is applied all over the face before applying makeup on a specific area. to cover up uneven skin tone Make our skin look smooth Look clear without acne like good skin. It can help cover dark spots, redness, and in addition, foundation has many formulas for different skin types as well, including oil control for oily skinned girls. and a moisturizing one for dry skinned girls

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