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Mascara | Mascara Manufacturing

What is mascara used for?

It is used to make eyelashes look darker and thicker. And containing ingredients such as carnauba wax and pigments, the user must wet the bristles and rub them against the cake. Then bring the eyelashes. Most of the time, women use mascara to enhance their eyes. including to attract attent

How to use mascara

  Gently curl your eyelashes. to lift the eyelashes and easy to apply mascara

  Applying Mascara Correctly Let's start from the base of the eyelashes. up to the end of the eyelashes

  While applying mascara, move your hand zigzag from left to right to help spread the lashes and not clump.

  When the first round has dried Can add thickness to the eyelashes by rounding 2, but should not apply more than 2 rounds because it will make the eyelashes too heavy. and eyelid discomfort

  If you want to add length to your eyelashes Look low and apply only the tip of your lashes to add length.

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