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want to sell online but don't know what to sell It is a question that is in the minds of novice online merchants. Who doesn't know what product to start with? New vision, Cosmetics has the answer.

Open the bag and see How many lipsticks are there? I can tell that it's definitely more than 3. So which color should I choose to build my own brand? Let's see which color of the Tiger this year will be profitable for you.

How will the world change? beauty is still there and change according to the current world Skincare creams are the same. Let's take a look at these 2022 skincare trends to make it easier to make informed cream branding decisions.

Mascara is a cosmetic used to enhance the intensity. Add thickness and length to eyelashes Mascaras come in three forms: liquid, cake and cream, and also come in a variety of formulas, tints and colors. The ingredients in mascaras include water, wax, film-formers and preservatives. Some mascaras may contain synthetic or nylon fibers to increase the length of the lashes.

Foundation is cream or liquid makeup. There are various shades of meat. from pale to the darkest like the skin of a woman The foundation is applied all over the face before applying makeup on a specific area. to cover up uneven skin tone Make our skin look smooth Look clear without acne like good skin. It can help cover dark spots, redness, and in addition, foundation has many formulas for different skin types as well, including oil control for oily skinned girls. and a moisturizing one for dry skinned girls

10 important items that must be specified on the label In order to be safe from the inspection of the FDA.

Before we know what cushion is, I have to say that nowadays there are so many different types of makeup that many women can't choose the right one. Especially cosmetics that come in new names such as cushions, which makes many people wonder what it is. and what techniques are used Therefore, we will take you to get to know this type of makeup first.

Sleeping Mask is considered to be a skin rejuvenation item that is even better than the Mask Sheet as it is a mask that can be left on all night without washing out. Makes it possible to nourish the skin all night. Anyone who has been partying hard all week, find Sleeping Mask in. Face has come back to clear quickly and clearly.

Nimitmai Cosmetics We are a standardized factory and have experts with more than 20 years of experience. There are many celebrities and YouTubers who trust.

Lip balm to change color to moisturize the lips. Plus rich in concentrated Vitamin C Reduce dryness Eliminate the peeling parts to make them smooth, soft, moist and healthy.

Herbs, vegetables and fruits that are everywhere But there are many benefits, including vitamins, minerals and natural skin care substances that help to keep skin moisturized, always bright and soft.

the cosmetics market in 2019

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