7 hot skincare trends in 2022

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7 hot skincare trends in 2022

Skinimalism is less but answers the question
Skinimalism trend is a trend that began to emerge in 2021 from the past to injecting all kinds of skin care to the face.to the selection of effective skin care products Can answer the needs of skin in various matters in one bottle. Especially choosing skin care that solves skin problems to make the skin return to good health. which focuses on ingredients that help to soothe or reduce irritation to sensitive skin from the fact that we have to wear masks Stress from the Covid-19 epidemic situation exposure to pollution or even using skin care that exceeds the needs of the tanned skin


FSustainability Beauty takes great care of the environment.

rom the trend of Ulta Beauty, which is a trend that is hot and that will not fade for sure, to the trend of supporting brands that choose to produce products and ingredients in their skin care products made from natural, waste products to promote environmental sustainability. In addition, it also began to consider the source of access to the compound in a human nature and not invading nature.

Waterless Beauty Skincare that cares about reducing water use.

In addition to choosing products made from recycling or reducing the use of hard-to-decompose materials It is well known how valuable and depleted water is. As many consumers became aware of this, many brands have entered the skin care market that rely on less water in terms of production and products to maintain clean water supply.

Fermented Beauty

Many studies indicate that Fermented skincare ingredients can help stimulate the skin's ability to absorb nutrients or antioxidants as well. According to WSGN's predictions, this trend was brought before anyone else by skincare brands in Korea and Japan. In addition to the value of the skin Fermentation bacteria also extend the shelf life of the product.

Hormones For Your Skin

One of the things we tend to talk about about skincare is that The efficacy of aging care on our facial skin. This year, the trend of aging care will shift to focus on hormones, especially estrogen, which has a huge effect on women's skin. and when talking about the golden age It is found that estrogen levels are reduced and followed by wrinkles. loss of moisture in the skin or repairing damaged skin is less

Community Collaboration Hand in hand with everyone

We will see international trends elevating the beauty industry's erasure. by promoting products and brands founded by people of color for more people of color This trend will continue to grow and open up. Both supporting small groups and communities to grow together in the beauty industry. in terms of working together or giving space

Stress Care takes care of stress and has a positive effect on the skin.

Skin care starts from within. In addition to receiving nutrients or compounds that are good. Here's how to take care of our stress control. It is now well known that stress can have a negative effect on our entire body system. Accumulated stress affects the skin in terms of causing premature aging, dehydration, or even strength. of the delicate skin Makes us use skin care that solves the problem at any point, it can't be completely cured.

The stress is something that happens all the time. And everyone has different stress levels and ways of coping with stress. Therefore, we will see a future where brands may start to consider and help reduce stress levels. With products or ingredients that can help relax or manage more stress in 2022 for sure.

The 2022 skincare trend will focus on more natural skin care. including saving the world care for the environment In addition, consumers want to reduce the amount of skin care they need. from having to install many items to maintain all problems but looking for a few products but can maintain all problems Therefore, skin care brand owners should continually follow trends. to produce products that can meet the needs of consumers in a timely manner

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