Why must produce cosmetics? With ISO standard factory ?

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Why must produce cosmetics? With ISO standard factory ?

Would like to own a cosmetics brand
Why choose to manufacture with ISO standard factory

Believe that many of you are familiar with the "ISO" (International Organization for Standardization), which is a global quality certification standard. By dividing various standards According to industry figures such as ISO 9001, it is meant to guarantee quality management side of the organization.

What is the quality of management? What effect on cosmetic production? Why must be produced with an ISO 9001 certified factory? Come to gather the answers.


1.Customers can be assured that they will receive the product. And standardized services

Of course, when we are working with a business partner, what we expect is inevitable. Standard quality Because that would mean that over time the good things that we have received from that product and service will remain Not just good at first, but as time passes, the quality gradually decreases.Which, of course, the factory that has received ISO certification It has a healing quality to your customers, of course. Because what will be the main factor to pass the ISO certification is the creation And maintain that standard For this reason, you can rest assured that If you want a product And good standard service, no fall Must choose a factory that has received international standards such as ISO, etc.


2. The customer is always important

One of the requirements for ISO 9001 certification is to focus on customers. For this reason, you can be assured that when you become our customer, you will always be an important person


3. Get fast service, check

3 The main policy that must be followed for organizations that pass ISO 9001 is
    - Effective communication
    - Have a clear action plan
    - Competent personnel In the assigned duties

With 3, this policy makes work to meet the needs of customers with efficiency, speed and can be checked at every step. Therefore is the reason why you should choose to use the factory that passed ISO 9001


4. Every process has a clear supervisor According to management standards

Every step of the work, if different people do No supervisor is clear that this process who is responsible. If problems arise during the process, it will be chaotic because it will take a long time to find the responsible source. And than to be resolved The problem could escalate and damage. Especially if we are customers, would not want to leave the future of the business with factories that do not have this standard of management. Because as mentioned above, if problems arise Damage may escalate beyond control. The business that we have created can be broken down just because of the lack of standards of the manufacturer.


5. Analysis and evaluation

We have no way of knowing what we are doing is the right way. Or come to the right path if there is no analysis and evaluation which analysis And evaluating it, in addition to allowing us to see past bugs Also makes it possible to see the strengths as well. This point will be very useful for customers because they will be able to work with partners who are constantly developing themselves. Makes our products have been optimized as well. Plus, with the added quality of service.It means that the investment of a long day. It's even more worthwhile because of the ongoing development of partners. Making the same capital but increasing efficiency every day


The final conclusion is that if your business partner to some of the producers to us, it should be a standard factory. Which the word standard is not just looking at the naked eye, but having to be certified by an internationally trusted institution such as ISO etc.

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