10 things you should know about cosmetic labels

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10 things you should know about cosmetic labels

  1. Name of cosmetic and trade name

    Guidelines for considering cosmetic names and trade name

    Cosmetic names and trade names Both Thai and English must be of the same length. or use transliteration
    Do not exaggerate the words, words, abbreviations, homophones, homophones, letters, numbers, pronunciation, causing misunderstandings. or meaning Show properties beyond the scope
    Must not use text misleading as a pharmaceutical product or other non-cosmetic products

    2. How to use
    Should specify how to use it in detail. and easy to understand for customers to use properly and maximum efficiency

    3. Registration number (FDA)
    notification number or the number that is registered as a 10-digit number on the cosmetic label because it is a symbol indicating that the cosmetic product has notified the details according to the production requirements for sale or imported for sale cosmetics that has been registered with the Ministry of Public Health starting from An entrepreneur can be a person or a juristic person.
    Entrepreneur registration is required first. (If a manufacturer pays 1,000 baht, but if an importer pays a fee of 2,000 baht)

    4. Type or type
    type or type of cosmetics
    Cosmetics were originally divided into three categories:
    1. Specially controlled cosmetics, including permanent hair dye products. Fluoride toothpaste Fluoride mouthwash, curling products, hair straightening, hair bleaching, hair removal.
    2. Controlled cosmetics, including cosmetics containing sun protection, sanitary napkins, anti-dandruff products containing zinc pyrithion or pyroxtone, olamine, talcum powder.

    3. General cosmetics such as shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, hair gel
    At present, there is only one type of cosmetic that must be submitted for registration at the FDA, namely “Controlled Cosmetics”.
    According to the Cosmetics Act B.E. 2535
    Controlled cosmetics means cosmetics that manufacturers and importers are required to provide details of controlled cosmetics. and pay the annual fee Therefore, the production or import of cosmetics can be controlled.
    In general, cosmetics are usually divided into 2 main types according to their usefulness:1. Skin care products or skin care products
    2. Make-up products or make-up (Make up products)

    5. ปริมาณสุทธิ

    ปริมาณสุทธิต้องเป็นน้ำหนักหรือปริมาตรเครื่องสำอางที่ไม่รวมภาชนะบรรจุ พร้อมระบุหน่วย เช่น กรัม (g)

    6. Warning

    WARNING (In some cases) Some cosmetics must also display a warning on the label because the product can be irritating easily. hair dye In order for consumers to be aware of the precautions in using such cosmetics, for example, stop using when irritation occurs. and should see a doctor

    7. Month, year of manufacture and expiration date
    Notification of the date of manufacture And the expiration date will be very beneficial to consumers. and make sure to buy
    Abbreviated MFG. means Manufactured Date or the date of manufacture of the product.
    The abbreviation for EXP. means Expired Date, or the date the product will expire.

    8. Name of manufacturer/importer
    to build credibility It also shows the responsibility of the product owner. If the consumer has any problems, they can contact the responsible person, either in the case of cosmetics produced in the country or imported from abroad.

    9. Number showing the production time
    In order to know the Lot. that is produced, for example, if there is a problem, let us know which Lot it comes from.

    10. Components Name of all substances that are ingredients
    Explain in detail what components the product is made of and in what ratio. and must be sorted in descending order of the amount of substance Expressed as an approximate percentage of weight.

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