9 Trick to choosing cosmetics

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9 Trick to choosing cosmetics

If we ask about cosmetics, there is a lot of necessities for every girl who loves beauty. Would answer the same voice that "I need more," because today's cosmetics are a key element in getting it. In everyday life, can not be separated from each other at all. It also helps create perfection on the faces of the girls. More then Also helps increase confidence as well Therefore, before we choose to buy a piece of cosmetics, we should choose to fit and meet the purpose of use. Do not swoon on reducing promotion. Until forgetting its quality For this topic Have collected the consideration information before deciding to buy the cosmetics as follows:

1. Choose to suit the facial skin.  In the purchase must be purchased to meet the purpose of use and suitability of the face. Should not buy because the price is cheap Until making the same type of cosmetics Is strewn room Become a waste of money wasted.

2. Choose to buy to suit the pocket money  Choose to buy, use it appropriately according to our own economic condition and condition. Which may not have to consider the popularity of products from foreign countries Because the cosmetics produced in Thailand are May also have the same quality and properties in use, products that must be imported from abroad

3. Do not believe in advertising that is beyond truth.  We must not buy cosmetics because of the invitation of advertising only. Because advertising is only to convince and create attraction to consumers only In some brands, there is a notice of properties that are beyond truth. And there may be a mixture of harmful substances inside that cause us to develop severe allergies

4. Should buy cosmetics from reliable sources  Because if we have problems or need advice on the use of We will be able to contact you immediately. And believe that the products we buy are of high quality and do not contain harmful substances

5. Consider cosmetics that have Thai labels  Which specifies the complete essence as specified by the FDA, which includes Cosmetics names and trade names Types of cosmetics, components, names and locations of manufacturers Or importer Year of manufacture, how to use, warning, display number, production time Net amount and Notification number, etc.

6. Allergic test before use  If girls want to experiment with changing cosmetics that have never been used before Should test the initial allergic reaction easily By applying that product to a small amount of brachial tummy area and leaving it for 24-48 hours.

7. Follow the instructions and warnings specified. Should be used with caution, the warning stated on the label. strictly If you already have an unusual occurrence. Should stop using immediately And if the symptoms have not improved It is wise to consult a doctor or pharmacist

8. Stored successfully when using cosmetics  Keep containers tightly closed to prevent contamination from dust or external conditions. Avoid heat and sunlight. Because heat and sunlight will cause the properties of the essence to deteriorate faster than they should

9. Do not add other substances.  Unless otherwise stated on the label that can be filled. Because it will change the quality of the product from the original It is also the source of contamination from other substances. Including bacteria by

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