Create a brand like 7 herbs near you.

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Create a brand like 7 herbs near you.

The face is the first checkpoint that is attractive to the spectator. But many people are experiencing uneven facial skin problems Because of acne and dryness with dark spots of freckles and blemishes.Until having to pay a lot of gold to enter the beauty salon Or buy medicine to treat Therefore would like to recommend the use of herbs, vegetables and fruits that are common, but there are many benefits, including vitamins, minerals and natural skin care ingredients that help to keep skin moisturized, always bright and soft


The tomato contains several vitamins and Curotenoid. Water from ripe tomatoes will contain licopersioin, which has fungicides and bacteria and fresh tomato juice. The facial mask will cure acne, heal the skin firmly. Or may be cut into slices Can be applied onto the surface

2. Cucumber

In addition, cucumbers contain high vitamins. In the cucumber effect, there is a cryssin enzyme that helps digest protein. This type of enzyme Will help to remove the rough skin to leave the skin soft Happened to replace Some people use fresh cucumbers. Cut into thin slices Put on the clean face instead of cucumber. Presently, cucumber juice is mixed in cosmetics such as facial cleanser, body cream to help the skin not rough. And help heal the skin Cucumbers are herbs that are easy to find, useful, cheap, used regularly to contact. Will make the garden fresh and soft


Curcumin Active Helps get rid of acne, inflammation, freckles and wrinkles. Strengthens skin cells. Reduce the accumulation of free radicals. Turmeric is a mixture of curcumin. And high vitamin E From the research results of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization And the Ministry of Public Health Curcuminoids from the turmeric layer have the ability to reduce inflammation. And inhibits the creation of enzymes related to the synthesis of substances that cause inflammation Reduce free radicals Reduce oxidation Can be used for people of all ages and suitable for all skin types


Thailand Tamarind herbal folk hits Used to produce soap cosmetics Skin cream cosmetics Skin Whitening Cream The benefits of tamarind helps to nourish the skin to shine brightly all the time. Vitamin C from tamarind can help to slow down aging. And the occurrence of wrinkles. Make our skin look younger

5.Centella asiatica

Centella asiatica active Has the effect of inhibiting free radicals, reduce skin blemishes and redness of the skin scars. Reduce swelling, bruising By breaking dark circles under the eyes Will disappear in a short time Stimulate collagen and elastin.In the skin layer is excellent, not allergic to other substances Repair skin cells to help heal wounds, wear a kill bacteria that cause gonorrhea fungicides reduce the inflammation of the wounds. Create new skin cells, making scars smaller.Inhibition of scarring of the Bulge This makes the skin more elastic and firm. Removing wrinkles in addition to the Asiatic substance that aids in wound healing, which is the catalyst for tissue function fully heal well. More important is the effect of the Anti-oxidant vitamin E to 5 times higher.


Aloe has many values. In addition to the treatment Also used to nourish the skin Hair can currently be seen that the shampoo and cosmetics trades. The use of aloe vera as an ingredient. And being popular with the general public Because aloe vera Feature can help the process meta-Bone Metabolism. Is functioning normally Reduce infection Decomposition of toxic bacteria Stimulate new birth Of damaged tissue, so Aloe Vera is used To nourish the skin People use aloe topically on a regular basis. It was clear that Aloe vera helps Giving the skin a fresh, flawless complexion with water and can also eliminate acne And also remove black spots


Pomegranate Pomegranate is rich in active, such as Ellagic Acid, Tannic Acid and Vitamin C, can help nourish the face to be white, pink, reduce dark spots, tighten pores. Pomegranate inhibits Bacteria that cause acne Benefits of pomegranate, suitable for all skin types Therefore popularly adopted as Herbs that are popularly used as cosmetics

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